May 31, 2017

Company law matters and Secretarial Services

Formation of Indian Companies, Setting up Liaison Offices and Branch Offices

We can help our clients in every aspect of Indian Company Formation and Annual Operation. Our team has experience in registering, setting up and operating dozens of companies in India for various purposes and one can benefit from our experience and understanding of Indian regulations.
We offer comprehensive Indian company formation services, including setting up of Liaison offices and Branch offices.


Drafting and maintenance of minutes of Board and Shareholders meeting, Maintenance of statutory records and registers

We help our clients in proper management and maintenance of legal documents (records and registers) which are mandated by various statutes. We also advise them on drafting and maintenance of Board Minutes and Annual or Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.


Preparation and filing of various Forms and Returns

We aid companies in preparation and filing of various forms and returns, mandated by The Companies Act, 2013 with the Registrar of Companies.


Winding up of Companies

We offer services of Winding-up of companies/striking off the name from the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act.